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Peking Restaurant
                          Mandarin & Szechuan Cuisine
                                        Chinese Korean Fusion Cuisine
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Peking Restaurant Serves Quality Chinese Food for 22 Years
By Linda Harper

One only has to see the collage of photographs behind the register at peking restaurant to see why its a great place to find quality chinese food. Their clientele is multi-generational. Grandparents began eating at the family style restaurant sinces it's opening in 1993. Their children remained patrons when they became adults and now they bring their offspring in to enjoy authentic Chinese food in the friendly inviting atmosphere, Peking restaurant has gained notoriety for.

Liyen and Chung Yi Liu immigrated to the US from China with their young family in 1988 and settled in Gold River. They arrived with years of experience in the restaurant business and set out to do what they do best, prepare and serve quality, affordable Chinese food for their community. The Liu's opened Peking Restaurant, located in Butterfield Plaza, 9529-A Folsom Blvd. Twenty-two years ago, and have been successfully supplying area residents with healthy, authentic Chinese meals ever since.

Liyen Liu the matriarch of the family business, greets her customers when they arrive with an inviting smile and bubbly personality, while her husband, a trained Chef prepares mouth watering dishes from the restaurant's wide menu. Their son, Robert Liu helps out in all aspects of the business operations. Patrons can't help but notice the stuffed, happy panda bears adorning Peking restaurant. Liyen explains they were given to her by satisfied repeat customers, over the years. these cuddly creatures add to the friendly ambiance of the restaurant.

Peking Restaurant is open six days a week; Tuesday-Friday, 11am - 9pm Saturday 11:30am-9pm and Sunday, 12noon-9pm. They offer lunch specials, family dinners and an extensive menu of delectable Chinese dishes. The Liu's celebrate customer birthdays by offering 10% off the birthday person's meal, and they're equipped to host parties of any size. Their full menu is available for Take-out and reservations are not required.

If you're a Chinese food connoisseur, or if you and you family just want to experience a hearty meal prepared with fresh ingredients visit Peking restaurant.
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Jam Bong
Spicy noodle soup cooked with various seafood shrimp, calamari, mussels and vegetables.
Price 9.95
Ja Jang Myun
Kong Pong Prawns
Hand made noodle dish topped with thick black bean sauce made of black bean paste, diced pork and vegetables 
Price 8.95
Breaded and deep fried shrimp glazed in garlicky and spicy sauce mixed with peas, carrots, green onions and dried red peppers.  
Price 14.95
Tong Shu Beef
Koreanized version of sweet and sour beef. It can be made with either beef or pork. Prepared with clear sweet and sour sauce with sliced carrot, cucumber, onions, and diced pineapple. 
Price 10.95
Pal Bo Chae
Yang Jang Pi
Stir- fried of various seafood and vegetables in a slightly spicy sauce. Ingredients are normally sea cucumber, shrimp, calamari, scallop and various vegetables
Price 18.95
Great party dish where thinly sliced vegetables are neatly placed around a large plate topped with stir-fried assorted seafood and vegetables, clear noodle and pork on the center of the plate. Mixed with hot mustard when served
Price 20.95
9529-A Folsom Blvd.
      (In Butterfield Plaza)
      Sacramento CA, 95827